A.J Tompkins is a fairly typical 20-something English/History major who spends the majority of his time between Washington, Montana, Alaska and Reddit. He believes love is a real thing, time isn’t linear, and Han Solo shot first. accept him into your life, won’t you?

All works come from a unpublished and unedited collection titled “Slump”.

Begging is improper, but please, pretty please, critique this crap.

I like to think of my work as if T.S Eliot and Bukowski had a baby, and that baby was shipped down a river, and then was raised by Isaac Brook and Dan Harmon, whom, realizing they had taught the baby everything they knew, sent it to a commune to take acid with Walt Whitman. Then that baby was killed from falling debris from a freak airplane accident like in season two of breaking bad, and its soul met up with a giant ethereal whale that just kept repeating “Do as i say, not as i do”

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